A Love Poem For You and I – By Orodelight



Poetry by Orodelight

You make me feel, blessed, loved, favored, special.
You make me feel, feelings I’ve never felt before.
Feelings of gratitude – to God for giving me someone like you. Of joy – at the thought of the rest of our lives together. Of wonder – that someone so kind-hearted, so good looking, so God-fearing, wants to be with me in matrimony.
You make me feel like bursting into love songs, ’bout when a man – loves a woman, ’bout the power of love – up nepa, bout getting drunk in love – alomo bitters, looking crazy in love kolomental, bout all of me wanting all of you to love me jeje love me tender, about how we found love in a
beautiful place.
You and I make Romeo and Juliet look like teenage crush.
Ours is the definition of revelation love on Oxford, poster couple of a perfect couple, we make Catholic priests and Buddhist monks rethink
their vows. Centuries from now, Google epic love and what pops up is the story of our life together.
I’ll be your part, full, lifetime lover, significant other to this smooth handsome Brother.
You are my poetry the rhythm to my blues the, Jay to my Bey.
I’m your once and future bride, we the bonafide Bonnie and Clyde, forever inseparable like green on leaf, wax on candle, sand on the beach. Chilling we be having sex on the beach – I mean the cocktail, or maybe a flaming Lamborghini as sitting and sipping in your Lamborghini.
Eyes locked, hearts open, fingers touching, lips touching, doing what else rhymes
with touching…I mean hugging. Roses are red, violets blue, forget all these rhyming stuff, just wanna have my babies with you…
Share this poem with that special person in your life. Watchout for more spokenword pieces by my humble self – Orodelight.


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