This Spanking New Album Will Change How You See Poetry: Saint Rhymes’ Outspoken

Spoken word poetry has been gaining plenty attention all over the world and in Nigeria, with indigenous poets making great efforts to promote the art.


And one of these notable spoken word influencers in Nigeria is Saint Rhymes. 

saint rhymes outspoken

Saint Rhymes is an anointed, highly creative & passionate Spoken-Word Poet, Inspirational Speaker, Author and a Master story teller.

After professionally staging his art in 2006, his energetic and dramatic style of poetry helps him deliver his poems into the heart of his audience.

He has performed poetry professionally for close to 10years and has featured alongside popular Nigerian gospel acts. These include notable artists like Rev. Victor Atenega, Nataniel Bassey, E-Ben, Gbolahan, to mention a few.

He also lent his creative talents to the just concluded first if it’s kind spoken word and rap concert – Eversion. During the electrifying production, he played the role of the almighty creator and his performance was just divine.

In his poetry pieces, Saint Rhyme’s message usually centers on the discovery of Purpose and Living a fulfilled life.

Today, Saint Rhymes has released his amazing sophomore album titled OUTSPOKEN.


Why should you listen to Saint Rhymes’ Outspoken album? 

OUTSPOKEN is a nine (9) track album, with a rich mix of poetic devices such as imageries, rhymes, puns, wordplays, metaphors, and more.

This project is laced with music and of course the epic voice of Saint Rhymes.

The contents touch on issues relating to Self discovery, Success Motivation, Love and Dating, Finances, Personal development, Sexual re-orientation and more.


You can find and purchase this project on online stores (soft copy) and sales outlets (hard copy) within and outside Nigeria. Here are a few links for the online stores.






SPIRICOCO (naira purchase)


To get the hard copy outlets please send a text to Dayo on 08170687252 to place your orders.



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