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The first and most important way to get promoted is by adding value to your career and to yourself.

We will like to recall that we were employed because we possessed a particular set of skills/ knowledge that was needed by the Organization. It is based on this knowledge or skill that we were employed with a view to making progress through years of experience, and then get promoted.

We do not want to forget that as an employee, you are an investment.

You are paid a salary because your organization believes that you are contributing to the goal of the organization.

When we refer to adding value through personal development, what will readily come to mind is additional qualifications. While additional qualification is very fundamental to adding value, there are other intangible means of adding value to our organization through self-improvement.


The second way you could influence your promotion is through your attitude towards work

And your ability to create more innovative ways in doing our work.

While most of our job description may appear to be a list of tasks, those tasks are designed to achieve specific, valuable goals for the organization. How we do them will influence the amount of value the organization receives- and thus, the value you are contributing and your overall worth to the organization.

Take for instance an officer whose duty is to purchase office items from approved vendors. This person could simply follow the standard procedure, place orders for items requested and ensure that the products are received. Or he or she could find simple ways to improve her value like…

  • Search for more competitive pricing and make informed recommendations to decision makers
  • Aggressively negotiate with existing vendors for better pricing
  • Arrange for bulk purchase with other units needing same materials to reduce cost
  • Strategically purchasing to reduce price e.g trade fairs or sales period

These value-adding techniques are not written anywhere in your job description or your appointment letter.

It takes a few extra seconds of thought and a little imagination but using these strategies work.

Some of us might feel that we are already too busy with our schedule of duties. We feel that our innovations might be seen as overstepping our boundaries.

But I say RISK IT. Give it a try.

Find a few minutes to step up your game. If you achieve positive results, no one will complain. Positive innovations make us more marketable, both to our immediate bosses and the job market at large.


The third way to get promoted faster is through your dressing and grooming.

If you still dress the way you use to dress when you first got your job ten years ago, then you are not adding value to your organization.

We should endeavor to dress in a way that will put our organization in a good light.

Our grooming is also important. It is one thing to wear a shirt, trouser, and a tie. It’s another thing for the shirt, trouser, and ties to be well groomed. We all want to groom our self well. Proper grooming does not necessarily have to be expensive. All that is required is being neat and clean.

If we have done our best to add value to our organization through personal development, innovative thinking and proper dressing and grooming amongst other ways of adding value, you could get promoted faster.

You would also secure social advancement, which is more fundamental to the total man.


How do we build social advancement?

Let’s highlight a few ways:

  1. Build relationships at work;

    We spend an average of forty hours per week at the office. If you want to be happy and make social advancement, build a good interpersonal relationship with your workmates.

  2. Network beyond business:

    Networking is a skill that goes beyond just exchanging numbers. Once you find someone that is important to your career, invest in the contact. Call periodically, send interesting messages, celebrate them when they are celebrating. Find a common topic of interest and exchange useful information. While doing all these, make sure that you are not intruding into their private space.

  3. Find a mentor:

    Find a person who inspires you. Follow their work, seek advice and perhaps request them to review your performance and guide you forward. A mentor may not necessarily be someone from the same career path but could be anyone who is successful in his/her field and has considerable work and life experience.



In conclusion, it is pertinent that we understand the fundamental elements of a career to enable us to carry out adequate self-appraisal.

It is also important that we add value to your organization by adding value to yourself, having a positive attitude, being innovative and dressing properly to play the role we are employed for.

If we do these and other value adding activities, we will not only secure our promotions as at when due, we would be able to build a robust network of real friends at our workplace. This network will further open doors for us and those that want to leverage on our connections.



Edited from a Paper titled CAREER: VALUE ADDING AND ADVANCEMENT by Arueyingho Edward Tuoyo.



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