#Olowogbogboro: 7 Powerful Testimonies from Nathaniel Bassey’s Hallelujah Challenge

Olowogbogboro is doing great and mighty things.

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Nathaniel Bassey’s Hallelujah Challenge has created a move of the spirit online and offline like never before. When I first

When we spoke about the Hallelujah Challenge last week, the viewership was just about thirty thousand plus, and only on Instagram. As of today, hundreds of thousands of people view the live sessions on Instagram, Facebbok, and YouTube.

Given the amazing testimonies that people share each day thanks to these nightly sessions, thousands of new people keep joining the hundreds of thousands already doing the challenge.

Olowogbogboro (the mighty arm of God) did it for them and he can do it for you.


7 Powerful Testimonies from Nathaniel Bassey’s Hallelujah Challenge

1. Suddenly, payment was made.

#Good morning pastor, I have a testimony. My husband’s former employer was owing him his last salary since last year. He has sent reminder so many times but they refuse to pay. I prayed 2nights ago about it. Just yesterday they sent the full money just like that. He didn’t remind them o. But Olowogbogboro touched them all the way in India. This can only be God.
Please keep me anonymous sir######


2. Pregnancy Miracle.

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I THOUGHT I' JUST PRAY IN TONGUES THROUGH THIS 9+ hours Journey, I may have to cry tears of Joy through. PLEASE HELP ME READ THIS ONE. I don't know what is going on. But whatever it is Lord, let it continue. In my OVER 25 years in music and some lesser of those years in full time ministry, I have never experienced such avalanche of wonders. People, Im not even sharing one third of what Im being sent. OLOWOGBOGBORO JUST DECIDED TO SHOW UP AND SHOW OFF THIS MONTH.PLSSS DONT TAKE THIS PROJECT LIGHTLY. "Good morning PST Nathaniel. I really want to say a very big THANK YOU to Onise iyanu and Olowogbogboro and to you for allowing yourself to be used by God. He has done what no man can do. My testimony is so long but I will try and make it brief till I see you probably in our church again. I started this 30day Hallelujah challenge from day 1 but unfortunately I couldn't connect on day 8 because of poor network. But myself and my husband praise God for 1 hour before going to bed. When I woke up I saw blood stain and I just smile, took my bath, went to work. I got a pack of sanitory pad but I told God that I won't use it. When I got to the office I decided to check your wall since I missed the live praise, only for me to see that you wrote "I have the authority of God's Word that there is somebody in this Hallelujah challenge who has been believing God for a baby and by the Word of the Lord you shall conceive this month & in 9month shall deliver a baby girl(balika pulala) Immediately I saw this there was this uncontrollable tears gushing out from my eyes, I quickly munch the screen and I was just saying thank you Jesus. And lo I had this peace within me. 1. The pad that I bought I didn't open it talkless of using it, 2. I'm pregnant with signs and thats the picture of the pregnancy test trip which I did this morning I decided to wait for some days before doing it.I can go on and on concerning this matter but will hold on for another time. Glory be to God Almighty Pls kindly post it without my name to increase the faith of those believing God for this kind. Indeed Olowogbogboro is involve. Sir I don't know where to start praying for you and your ministry…##

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3. Olowogbogboro turned everything around.

…God is working. I keyed into this song last night. “I can see everything turning around, turning around for my good” and I committed my Job and Business to God and asked him for change and a turn around. On getting to the office, after a series of meetings and deals we had been chasing in the office i sort of was feeling down because the conversations weren’t going the way I expected them to but i kept saying it is well in my head. And singing unto God Only for my boss to call my colleague and i back in after the first meeting and opened up conversations on Salary increase, benefits, health insurance etc. Things that he will normally shy away from and i just sat there in silence like wow, this God is too much! And you won’t believe what my boss said himself! He said “Change is here” that was my final confirmation that this is GOD!

Secondly he gave me a project (not office related) this project is relating to my personal business. He asked me to work on it and do a turn around on the project. I was shocked!!!!! God blessed me twice in one day from the same place. Exactly what i was believing him from and not only did he do that, He made sure i heard those words (Change is here and Turn around) through my boss as a confirmation that he heard my praises and he has answered my prayers. The Olowogbogbro, the Agbanilagbatan, the one who opens doors no man can shut! He is indeed Worthy#


4. Divine Assignment.

#Good morning pastor, God has given me one of the things i have been praying for. I have been working at my company for the past 6years. My role in the company is not recognised as an effective role. Most times i will go to work and do nothing for the whole day while everyone will be busy around me. I felt invisible. Because I have been praying to God to turns things around and make me relevant, i am not the kind that shys away from work. I joined the midnight praise challenge for the first time on sunday
I joined the midnight praise challenge for the first time on sunday night, one of the things I prayed for was change for in my place of work. Monday morning at about 11:30 my boss called me and asked me what exactly i do cos if someone should ask she wouldn’t know what to say. I told her, she was surprised as to how little and ineffective my roles where. We spoke a little then she said she was gon send me a mail. When I saw the mail…I was confused cos it has lots of key responsibilities.
To be honest I was confused at first because i didnt know where to start from. After about an hour…it hit me. This is what I have been praying for. I now remembered the midnight prayer I jst started laughing. God did it for me just like that!!!! Olowogbogboro is at work in my life. Praise the Lord!!#####


5. Business Unusual.

The Olowogbogboro won’t even wait till it’s afternoon. He is working SUDDENLY. “Pastor!!!! I’ve been advertising my training for months and noone paid or showed keen interest.

I am so broke yet I have this amazing product that will bless people. I have been mocked for leaving paid job to start out.

Many family and friends say I should go and get a job!
I have been following the halleluyah challenge but because of data I didnt join the live session until this morning Day 8. My testimony – the day is just breaking and I have the first payment for my training.



6. Victory over all sources of harm.


7. A miraculous transfer.

I have a testimony, i got married on Saturday 3rd june, while in d hall, i got a text that I’ve been transferred to Kano (prior to this, i work at ph with the paramilitary). So the transfer kinda spoilt my mood. I prayed about it and asked God to take me to where my hubby is. Just yesterday, i saw a posting taking me to my husband’s location and i joined this hallelujah praise yesterday. I thank God.



For your own tailor-made testimonies, keep praising God and your miracle will arrive. Read more about  the Hallelujah Challenge and how to join on this post.


See you next Sunday for another post on Christian living.

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