World Music Day: Top 10 Nigerian Songs in the 1st Half of 2017

Happy World Music Day

top 10 Nigerian songs

What better way to celebrate World Music Day than with our very own Nigerian songs.

Loved by Nigerians and beefed by Ghanaians, here are the top 10 Nigerian songs from January till June 2017. These songs have been the most downloaded, received the most airplay and are some of the most loved songs in Nigeria this year.


Top 10 Nigerian Songs in the 1st Half of 2017

1. Falz – Wehdone Sir

Yes, though it may seem like longer, this song was actually released in 2017. On the second week of January Falz dropped this funny song which became a trending sensation.

Everyone was already saying ‘Wehdon sir’, with videos and pictorial memes based on the song everywhere, before I finally got to see the song.

I give it to Falz, he knows how to market a song and make it trend – Wehdon sir.


2. Runtown – For Life

This song was just a spinoff of the mad-amazing ‘Mad Over You’. Same tune, same theme, similar lyrics.
But since Nigerians are still mad over ‘Mad Over You’, there was a transfer of affection to this song.
Not a bad unofficial remix tho.

3. Tiwa Savage – All Over

Tiwa da diva! Though I’m very partial to Tiwa, this song is still taking it’s time to grow on me. I like it, but apparently not as much as most other Nigerians. Compared to ‘Bad‘, which I got hooked on bad from the first listen, I’m still chewing on this one.

But I do love her look and outfits in the videos tho. However, some trolls came after her for supposedly trying to look like Beyonce. I wonder when Beyonce patented or invented any particular look.

Abeg they should shift make I see chance type jare.



This song kinda reminds me of Yemi Alade’s Johnny. The beat and the whole theme of complaining about a cheating boyfriend have a familiar ring to it.

Played heavily on radio and TV, the song eventually grows on you.


5. Olamide – Pepper Dem Gang ft. Davolee

No one makes razz cool like Olamide (except for Reminisce and Falz). Loved this song from the first moment I heard it – as a born member of #PepperDemGang.

I totally dig the song’s subtle themes of self-confidence while you do your own thing…and #PepperDem while you’re at it.

Oya, oh baby…


6. Timaya ft. Rudeboy – Dance 

The first time I heard snippets of this song on the radio, I thought it was done by some foreign dancehall music stars. A super cool song with a lovely Reggae vibe.

Love the reference to the classic Blacky’s “Can I have a dance, Rosey?”. It’s always amazing when Nigerians look inwards to create something beautiful, rather than at foreign influences.


7. Wizkid – Come Closer.

Daddy Yo! Really wanted that song to make the list, but it was released a few days too early to make this 2017 list. However, this song is cool in its own way. I love the beautiful costumed African themed vixens…and the invisible Drake. Lol.

Rumors of backyard beef between Drake and Wizkid started when Drake released his One Dance song with an almost invisible Wizkid’s voice. And the rumors were further fuelled by the absence of Drake in this video.

This song was actually recorded in 2016 by both of them, but the video wasn’t done till almost a year later. Maybe coz of the rumored beef? Maybe not. Awesome song anyways.


8. YCee – Juice 

This song has too much juice and just as much sauce. Love how this song actually created a cool trending slang with its catch phrase – too much juice, too much sauce.


9. Davido – If.

This song took a while to grow on me, and when it did (the chorus rather), it stuck like chingum. The person who actually wrote this song (the chorus rather) really did a great job.


10. Jidenna – Bambi

Because technically, he is Nigerian. Let’s support our own both at home at abroad jare. Lol.

I’m not such a big Jidenna fan, but this song got me from the first listen. Maybe it’s my inner feminist goddess rejoicing in the calamities of a playboy – buhahahahaaaa! *evil laugh*

I especially like the Bambi analogy. Took me to my childhood, through my adolescent teenage-crush years, and back to present day. The soft notes of this song has a soothing feel to the ears and its melancholic theme is just perfect for a rainy day.



Which of these songs has been your favorite this year? Drop a comment below.







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