9ja Biz Spotlight: Engineer Turned Pepper Seller – Kasope Ladipo-Ajai, Co-founder Omoalata.

Omoalata – A Nigerian Packaged Food Business

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Meet Kasope Ladipo-Ajai, a computer engineering graduate, and former IT expert. Kasope, ventured into entrepreneurship because she had the urge to do something more meaningful than the traditional 9-to-5 job.

She eventually founded OmoAlata (McPeppers), a Nigerian food service. A brand focused on the production and sale of hygienically processed and packaged local Nigerian soups, spices, and peppers. OmoAlata aspires to use its strong local brand identity to position an international product range that will sit in stores all over the world for Nigerians and other customers present in these markets.


What Omoalata Stands For

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The name OmoAlata literally means ‘Son or Daughter of a Spice Seller’. It also symbolizes a native name given to local street-wise kids from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. And is also used to depict someone funky but in a local or native way.

OmoAlata uses only farm fresh peppers in the preparation of all its pepper mix. The pepper mix does not contain any food coloring or artificial preservatives. It is also packed under hygienic conditions with a strict quality assurance policy.


Product Formula

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OmoAlata pepper mix has been parboiled hence the cooking time is shorter than freshly blended pepper. OmoAlata’s special natural taste makes it a number one choice for families, friends and event planners.

OmoAlata can also be packaged in pre-ordered volumes, specified blending levels, soup or meal specific mix and delivered to any location in the country for homes, hotels, and other events.


Production Process

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The Production Cycle takes off the stress from customers. During production, the daily task is to;

* Source fresh pepper produce from the best farms in Nigeria
* Pick each pepper manually to remove rotten/unsuitable ones piece by piece
* Wash the pepper found suitable for the special mix
* Blend to the finest mix for each type of stew or soup mix
* Boil the pepper to give the customer a quicker cook time and preserve the mix better
* Then package the pepper in the most hygienic environment with a special sealing technology
* Each pack is then kept in a frozen state in different stores and retail points

As a brand, Omoalata emphasizes on global standards, quality, product availability, processes and unique brand qualities as its channel into every home.

To find out more about the brand or places where you can find their product, visit their website here. Image result for OmoAlata



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