How To Praise Your Victory In With The #HallelujahChallenge By Nathaniel Bassey

Before I heard about Nathaniel Bassey’s #HallelujahChallenge, I had first heard about his #TonguesChallenge in the previous month. My first reaction was to disregard it as just another social media stunt by a celebrity.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Though I didn’t take part in the #TonguesChallenge (sadly), I joined the #HallelujahChallenge on the 10th day.

And it was simply amazing.


What is the #HallelujahChallenge?

The #HallelujahChallenge is a 30 day, 1-hour long praise session on Instagram Live, by Nathaniel Bassey.

And no, they do not just shout Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujaaaaahhhhh! all through like a white garment church.

It is an intensely spirit-filled session of praise and worship, with bursts of prayers in-between.

The theme for the challenge is OLOWOGBOGBORO, a Yoruba name used to describe an attribute of God as the one with long arms that delivers his children.



How do I join the #HallelujahChallenge ?


Between midnight and 1am today, over 30,000 people took part in #HallelujahChallenge on Instagram.

You too can join this praise movement.

It starts from 12.00am to 1.00am every day in the month of June, and you can join in any day before the end of June. You don’t have to have started from day one. I started from day 10, have done it for two nights straight now, and it’s been a powerful experience.


Nathaniel Bassey’s tips on how to praise your victory in with the #HallelujahChallenge

Nathaniel Bassey gave the following tips to help you praise your way into victory with the #HallelujahChallenge:

  • Join the challenge between June 1st to June 30th, from 12 midnight to 1 am.
  • Read Psalms 146-150, Revelations 19:1-6, Acts 16:25-26.
  • Get a gospel playlist that can last you an hour.
  • Get songs with lots of Hallelujah, and songs of rejoicing, dancing, celebration, and worship.
  • You may begin by singing in the Spirit.
  • Also Sing Hymns and Psalms.
  • And generally, flow as the Spirit leads.

It’s your season for SUDDENLYS and IMMEDIATELYS.”

Read more about the challenge on Nathaniel Bassey’s instagram page – @nathanielblow.

You can also check out what other people have been saying about the challenge on Instagram and Twitter by searching these hashtags, #HallelujahChallenge, #OneHourHallellujahChallenge and #Olowogbogboro



Have you taken part in the #HallelujahChallenge? What was it like for you? If you haven’t, try it out then let us know in the comments section.


See you next week for another Thank God It’s Sunday post. Also checkout tomorrow’s Monday Motivation post.




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