A Tale of Heroes, Looters & Rulers: The Epic History of Nigeria.

Happy Democracy Day.

history of nigeria

I am normally not a big fan of politics or Nigeria’s history. But this video got me glued to my system for the entire 2 hours plus.

Yea I know, you’re probably thinking “Who has the time or data to watch a 2hours plus video?”

I thought the same way too and refused to watch it for several weeks. But my colleagues who had watched it kept going on and on about it, referencing scenes, having inside jokes with each other.

As a warri babe, I no fit carry last.

So out of curiosity, I decided to watch it. My plan was to watch just the first 20 to 30 minutes of it. I mean, a documentary on the history of Nigeria couldn’t possibly be that interesting.

The rest is history (all pun intended).


Why should you watch this film? 

This awesome video presents the story of Nigeria, pre-independence till current times, with chronological impartial, systematic delivery of the critical events in the nation’s history, narrated carefully and clearly by Jide Olanrewaju.

The documentary promotes national pride and consciousness in every Nigerian. It also recognizes the roles of individuals who played positive and negative parts in the history of Nigeria.

An unbiased approach, devoid of criticism, the documentary would enable you better appreciate the ambitious and intelligent nature of the players and spectators in Nigeria’s history, both local and foreign.

A history of Nigeria by Jide Olarenwaju.




What do you think about Nigeria’s journey from pre-colonial days till now? Are we making progress? Is it at the right pace? Drop your comments below.

See you next week Monday for another Monday Motivation post.





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