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There is a popular adage which says the race is not to the swift.

Lately, that proverb has been turning over in my mind. Especially, as I seek self-fulfillment.

One wonders what the parameters for judging success are.

Is it based on your own worldview or on the worldview of the world? Or is it based on what people say? Is success determined by the society we live in?

How will you qualify yourself as successful?


What will you consider as success?

  • More money?
  • A good job?
  • A happy home and family?
  • Living in a developed country?
  • A child of your own?
  • Material possessions such as a nice ride, the latest gadgets?
  • Been able to feed without resorting to begging?
  • Not having to live on a budget?
  • Fame and popularity?


Sometimes, life does not go as we planned.

Things do not work out how we want. But is that enough reason to give up?


Delay like they say is not denial.


Look inward and pull strength for the journey.

You do not have to achieve what your friends achieve.

The important thing is to have your own achievement.  You are free to be whatever you want to be.

Think of ways you can be outstanding.

It could be via writing,  being a better person,  putting a smile on the face of a random person,  giving your best to your job, a hobby,  been a positive influence to one child,  whatever.

But remember do not use other people’s progress to judge yours.  You are uniquely designed and you are you.

Have a great day.


Written by Martina Omorodion.


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