Nigeria’s Mother Theresa – Mama Ekundayo. 

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In 1969, Mama Ekundayo decided to dedicate the rest of her life to taking care of orphans and abandoned children.

Through thick and thin she set about her goal and before her death, she had taken care of well over 500 children without any government or international aid.

Without a political connection or patronizing those in power, Mama Ekundayo managed to leave her footprints on the ageless rocks of time.

Mama Ekundayo was married and she had five biological children of her own -four males and one female. She said taking care of children came naturally to her and she enjoyed the company of children.

She projected the meaning of her name, “Ekundayo,” which is translated to mean, “(my) tears has turned to joy.”



TY Bello’s encounter with her

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In 2003, I took a journey with Toyin Subaiya and Bukola Olaoye. Olaoye had gone round the country looking for orphanages in distress and I discovered this woman called madam Ekundayo. After talking to her about 10 minutes, I just started to cry because I felt so empty, you know there is something about her that is very peaceful, very wholesome. You can tell that she was happy but I felt that my whole life was just about me and my project and the things that I wanted. That feeling stayed with me for a very long time and then one day I wrote a song about it.



TY Bello’s Tribute to Mama Ekundayo

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The song below is about TY Bello’s first encounter with Mrs. Ekundayo: “That conversation made me realize how empty my life was. I saw someone who was doing a lot more than I was and had much less than I did,” she disclosed.

Mama Ekundayo has shown us how you can do so much with so little. There are countless examples of people like her out there. I hope the videos inspire us to help make their work easier or at least spread the word as much as we can.

The video is a tribute by TY Bello & friends to the remarkable work this special woman has done to make a difference against all odds.






Ekundayo sugbon E mi ko
Ise Oluwa ni
Her words resound over and again
Undoubtedly I’ve been changed
Madam your life your heart touched mine
And finally I realised
Even I can give a life
Ekundayo sugbon emi ko oluwa lo fun mi se
Mo dele ever before open my door

Life was all about me
My life was all about me
Did not see nothing wrong
The life that I lived
Was far from her reality
Don’t know how empty I was
Madam your life your heart touched mine
I was struck by the purity of your smile
Now I know
Realise the change I can bring (Change I can be)
To suffering children who’ve got no home
Pray for me so I can see
Through your eyes
Repeat Do you know beautiful you become
When you make way
For the all little ones
Who otherwise would not have made it through their day
You become a part of their tale
Oh how beautiful are the feet of every man
Who brings tidings of hope to children broken
Blessings from heaven gate
Will shower you every day
Everytime you open the door to link a child
Open my door
Eje ko mode ko wa
Eje kan wa oh oh

Open up my door (Say yeah)
Open my door
Eje ko mode ko wa
Ki won wa oh oh




For more information on orphanages in Nigeria please visit www.linkachild.org and the UNICEF website. you can also get information from the Ministry of Women Affairs and child welfare”



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