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I still think there’s a big reason God gave Adam and Eve and not a Steve.
I am not talking about homosexual, No, I’m talking about female gender and their roles both in the family and the society.

Some women are so busy trying to do what men can do not knowing one of the major reasons they were made was to do what men can’t do.


I believe God created Eve to make up for the lack of Adam.

I believe Eve was made to do something else other than what Adam was doing or couldn’t do. A helpmeet.

If there were no separate roles for both male and female, I believe God would have made everyone sexless or with the same sex.

The rate at which some people are going about this gender equality/feminism is making it seem as though the ability to conceive and get pregnant is the only reason God made the woman different from the man.

There’s a reason you were made a woman and not a man.
Stop trying to be a man.
You’re a woman!


Celebrate your woman-ness and be happy with the way and how you are.

And stop trying to compete with men just like I wouldn’t even advise you to compete with anybody.

To a large extent, I think your purpose on earth is tied to your gender.
Your purpose is the reason you were born. And if you can fulfil that purpose as a man, I don’t think you would have been created as a woman.
Everything you need to fulfil your purpose as a woman is in you because you’re a woman.

Be grateful for being a woman.
Be content with who you are.
Fulfil your role as a woman.

I have a simple question…
If we can all do the same thing…



We really need a serious balance between this feminist/gender equality thing and the real reason God created you as a woman and not a man.

I am in total support of gender equality but I believe being a woman is far more than having the ability to get pregnant and giving birth…
You’re a woman for a reason.

You can choose to be anything you want to be.
You can choose to go anywhere you want to go.
You can choose to do anything you want to do.
You can be the best in your class as a student.
You can choose to chase your dream till you get to the peak.
Be the best in your field.
Be an authority in your carrier.
Follow your passion.


But don’t miss your place as a woman,

because you’re first of all a woman before you’re anything else.
You’re so so special.
Don’t try to be a man or compete with one.
Celebrate your woman-ness.

God bless you.





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