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It’s one thing to love someone. And a totally different thing to actually, genuinely, like the person.

Like and love are two totally different things.

You could like someone – for their personality, brains, etc, but not love the person – chemistry-wise. And on the flip side, you can love someone – for whatever weird reasons we humans fall in love, but not really like the person or the person’s personality.

Some people have gone ahead to marry people who they don’t really like, sometimes out of love, or necessity, or availability, or a multitude of other wrong reasons.

However, those relationships/marriages tend to lack that deep connection which couples who truly like themselves share.


What does it mean to truly like someone?

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You know you like someone when you mostly approve of and admire the way they do things. 

Either because they do and say things just the way you also do and say things.

Or because they do and say things you ‘wish’ you could do or say. 

We tend to like people who share similar strengths with us, or who are strong in areas where we are weak. 

And when we meet such people, especially of the opposite sex, by default, we would want to spend more time with them. Because we enjoy their company more. We like spending time with them because we truly like them.

So it is very important that you…


Marry who you like.

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I cannot emphasize this enough. It is so, so, so, important. You need to like and love your husband or wife, in order to enjoy your marriage

Today you see a lot of husbands who don’t like taking their wives with them when they go out. Or wives who look forward to their husbands being out of the house.

What is that?

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Why take the vow to spend the rest of your lives together if you don’t even like doing things together?

When you marry someone you like, you would always want to do things with them. 

You’ll look forward to spending time with them because you like what they bring to the table when you’re together.

And even when you quarrel or have issues, it’s easier to makeup quickly because the things you like about them are more than the things you don’t like.

But what if you are already married to someone who you don’t like? Then my suggestion to you is that you…


Like who you marry.

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It’s never too late to start liking someone. 

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, focusing on the person’s strengths will help you begin to see likable things about the person.

Don’t try changing the person or the way he or she does things. That change has to come from within the person. 

The only person you can change is yourself.

Reduce your expectations from the person. That way you won’t get offended so easily when he/she doesn’t do things the way you like it done.

Give more compliments, and as frequently as possible. People respond positively to compliments and will try to do more things to please you. 


Like and Love go hand-in-hand.

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You need to both like and love whoever you are dating or married to. No relationship can thrive well on just love, or just liking each other. Both parties need to constantly work at increasing how much they like and love each other, in order to enjoy their relationship together.






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