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What a man can do, these babes did better. They are fierce, driven, and against all odds, stood out from the pack. In no particular order (kinda), these are my top ten, ALL-TIME, favorite female artists. 

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1.  Missy Elliot

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Shorty whaaa? I know I said this list is in no particular order, but amongst all the iconic women in music, Missy is my number one queen of the pack! She’s got mad talent, she’s got swag, she’s got attitude and she’s got to be one of the most loved female artist alive.

I love how she has remained relevant over the years, how she rocked her big-ass self when she was big, rocked her slim-ass self when she lost weight and rocks her sexy-ass self now (whether you see her as slim or big now – na for your pocket).



2. Whitney Houston

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My number one vocalist ever! The voice! Oh the voice! That voice could power the whole of Nigeria and the rest of Africa. ‘I will Always Love you’ Whitney.

#DoroDiva #DoroSexy #DoroWhyDidYouHaveToDie?

P.S, Ideally Whitney would have been on the number one position, but I did say this list is in no particular order, (and I’m partial to hip-hop).


3. Lauryn Hill

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She’s the queen of dope lyrics. When she raps – she’s on point, when she sings – she’s on point. From R&B to Reggae to Hip-Hop, she’s the queen of ‘em all. She’s one of the most iconic women in music, and a lot of us are still hoping for a come-back. 




4. MC Lyte

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This Rap queen paved the way for most of the top female rappers out there. Haters may have someone else in mind for my number 4 position, but 4tunately, this aint the Headies. So ‘iyanla anybody’ #I’veTakenOver.


I love her style, I love her music. She rocks my party and could rock my body – if I swung that way.






5. Patra

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‘Pull up to my bumper’ let me tell you why she’s the ‘Queen of the Pack’ – coz I said she’s the queen of the pack and don’t forget the original queen of the dance-hall.

P.S: If you never did the Patra ‘butterfly-ish’ dance, you should be calling me auntie.




6. Bey

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This diva has got millions of men and women drunk in love with her music. She’s the Queen Bee, Queen feminist, Queen Destiny’s Child, and a Queen of the Pack. 



7. Nicki

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One of the most controversial women in music, she’s ratchet, loud-mouthed, vulgar, and we love her like that. She’s got sass, she’s got ass. This twerking queen is a Queen of the Pack. 




8. Rihanna

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RiRi almost didn’t make this list. I like her songs…some of her songs, but that’s just about it.  However she has been one of the most notable women in music in recent times. So in the spirit of fairness and objectivity, and her 8 Grammy awards, and ‘Bitch better have my Money’,  she’s a Queen of the Pack.



9. ASA

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Did you honestly think I wasn’t going to throw in a Naija babe? Being Nigerian aside, Asa isn’t here by quota, but by merit. Her killer voice and killer lyrics make her my all time favorite Nigerian artist, and a Queen of the Pack.



10. OrRawDay

If you know anyone who has a time machine they are not using, you can borrow it and take a trip to the future to see the wonders of this diva.

Though she can’t sing to save a soul right now, she’s still the ish!

And that’s why I…sorry, she takes the crown for the queen of the pack. And though this list is in no particular order, I saved the best for last!



(This one is truly in no particular order)


  1. Madonna – Didn’t make the list coz I never see wetin she dey sing.
  2. Taylor Swift – She’s aiii. A princess of the pack maybe.
  3. Katy Perry – Aside from roar…Meh.
  4. Adele – One or two heartbreak albums do not a queen make.
  5. Janet Jackson – I liked her brother better.
  6. Etta James – Error of omission.
  7. Eve / Lil’ Kim – They’re good, but Missy is better.
  8. Lady Gaga – Sorry, butt Nicki Minyash stole your spot.
  9. Dolly Parton / Diana Ross / Tina Turner / Celine Dion / Mariah Carey / Toni Braxton – They are good, but Whitney is better (than all of them combined)
  10. That your favorite female artist that I didn’t mention – Wetin she sing?



And those are my top ten Queens of the Pack. You gree abi you no gree? Drop a comment to let me know who you think should or shouldn’t have made the cut.


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