After the Siege, Borno State Road to Recovery Debuts on TV – Emmanuel Ohiomokhare

Boko’s Seige in Borno State. 

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For 6 years Borno state was under siege by the deadly terror group Boko Haram.

Homes, schools, hospitals and public buildings were destroyed. More than these over 20,000 lives were lost.

22 local government areas out of the 27 local government areas were captured by the insurgents.


Finding Peace Again. 

With the recent successes of the Nigerian Military over the insurgents, life is gradually getting back to normal in these parts.

Now many are returning to their ancestral homes and the State government is helping to rebuild these homes, schools, hospitals and public administrative buildings.

It’s costing so much money manpower and other resources. But the government is determined to change the world of a people once under siege.


Telling their story.

In this 8 part series, ace broadcaster Emmanuel Ohiomokhare visits the state to see how these lives are been rebuilt, the fear still surrounding the people as Boko Haram still use weapons like child suicide bombers to hit soft targets.

And the resolve of the people to fight the scourge and get their lives to a place better than it was. Watch the debut edition below…


Written by Emmanuel Ohiomokhare.



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