How Rueben Abati made himself trend with #BBNaija

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Following the end of the Big Brother Naija 2017 reality TV show, former presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati had a lot to say about the show.

He basically went on an epic rant about how the #BBNaija show was trash and most of the contestants were bigger trash – especially the women.

While he did make some valid points, he deliberately went out of his way to give disparaging remarks about the show, and the women in and around the show.

Barely saying anything in particular about the male contestants who were fellow accomplices to the offenses he accused the women of making.


7 Highlights about women from Reuben Abati’s #BBNaija rant


1.  His one-sided analysis

The biggest star of the programme was, I don’t know what you think, TBOSS (real name: Tokunbo Idowu), half Nigerian, half-Romanian. She dominated the space with her Jezebelic antics, even got some of the male participants ousted by entrapping and outsmarting them with her sexual wiles. She projected herself as a sex object, the ultimate manipulator, the champion Delilah of the Big Brother Africa series.

A point of correction Mr. Abati, Tboss was the one who was sexually assaulted, not the other way round. Yes, she did portray herself as a very sexual person – as did a lot of the guys, but that did not give anyone the right to her body without her consent.


2. His Hard-on for TBoss.

TBOSS, who claimed she didn’t need the money even exposed her breasts on live television more than once. I have seen better breasts, TBOSS. I am not too sure those private jet owners will be excited by your fluffy, South-looking, slightly bigger than mangoes breasts. If the same men see bigger assets, I mean, those interesting Ojiakor-like ones that look like papayas, pineapples and watermelons, they will not send private jets, they will deploy submarines and fighter jets!”


This is just “beer parlor” bants.

“Attention seeking” bants.

“Lemme say words that will vex them” bants.

And we refused to be vexed.

Like Michelle Obama says “When they go low, we go high”

So we choose to rise above your degrading, objectifying, body-shaming comments.  

3. When he almost made sense

“Given her looks and talents, she would have been a perfect winner. She would have looked good on the billboards. But she lost because of her arrogance. Attitude is everything: this is the lesson of T-BOSS’s disgrace and humiliation.”

You should have just said only these words, and not all the others. We would have clapped for you. But then again, I guess we probably wouldn’t have even gotten to read the article, because neutral things don’t go as viral as nasty things.

Mission accomplished. Uncle, your article trended (for all the wrong reasons). Congrats.


4. He really does have a thing for TBoss

” When she was sent out of the House as the second runner-up, the viewing center in Ikeja, Lagos, including Kemen whose nemesis she was, danced in joy.

“They are taunting me?” she asked Ebuka, the anchor. No, sweetheart, they were making a far more serious statement about you.

There will always be haters Mr. Abati. Yes, she stepped on toes and annoyed people, but that is not enough to vilify her. We all offend people. The Same way we all have people who would love to see us go down. But that is more of an indictment on them than on us.

It’s said best in this Addidas commercial


5. And also for Bisola

Bisola, the first runner up does not even have a degree but she showed talent and resolve, even if her whorish flirtation with Thin Tall Tony is so cheap and self-denigrating. Her One-Nigeria consolation prize is something big she should take seriously.

You just have to drag a girl in the mud shaaaaaaaaa. See how you conveniently failed to say anything her adulterous, lying, scum-bag of a partner, Thin Tall Tony?

Like everyone else, she has her strengths and weaknesses. Magnifying the poor girl’s weaknesses doesn’t make you or your article any stronger.


6. And for waists and thighs.

The finale was a bit overdone though, dragged out, over-delayed. Tiwa Savage (hey baby, watch that growing fat around your waist and thigh),

Is it your body? Is it your African waist or thigh? So she should remain a stick figure for the rest of her life abi? If you had criticized her music or her stage performance, we might have let that slide. But your comments are literarily and figuratively below the belt.  



7. And has fantasies about other men’s wives.

“Tuface (thanks TuBaba but next time tell Annie to twerk for us- what was that!).”

“Beer parlor” bants.

“Attention seeking” bants.

“Lemme say words that will vex them” bants.

And we refused to be vexed.


What’s your take on #BBNaija and Rueben Abati’s rant? Drop a comment below. 


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