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Oh yes!  The almighty in-law’s.

After one finally gets a ring on it, walks down the aisle and is firmly planted in the house flourishing like a plant by the riverside, the almighty in-laws come calling.

There are two categories of in-laws.

The mother in- law and the siblings in- law.  They can be the most annoying set of people in the universe, or the best; depending on the type of wife you are.

Now the premise is, in-laws are either nice or they are not. They either love you or hate you.  Not all in-laws are evil and not all are nice.

But what I don’t get is the outright battle between mother in- laws and daughter in -laws.  Just imagine.  The other day a girl was saying she won’t marry a man whose mother is still alive.  Like she wouldn’t end up bearing a son and becomes someone else’s mother in law?? and then the prayer comes to hunt her.

While stories abound of wicked mother in- laws, there are some very good ones. Next in the category is the lazy brother in law.  Chai!  This one is a curse. Especially, if the man happens to be their elder brother or the first son.  Opposite is the case when for wife’s brother. You dare not try to act funny or be lazy when you are brother to the wife.  At all o.  You will work so much your head will spin.  As a matter of fact, you will be spared no work and that includes changing diapers, bathing the young ones and washing soiled clothes.

Meanwhile, the lazy brother in-law spends his day eating, watching TV and demanding money to play online betting games.  Chai!  Many times, he is nothing but a waste of food, time, money and space. But of course there are some exceptions. Some brother in-laws are heaven made.  The kind that willingly helps out in the house and tells you the aunties in the family you show kow-tow to and the ones you should avoid.

Then there is the bossy sister on law.  Chai !  I pray you never come across this type. They are experts in picking faults in whatever the wife said, didn’t say or do or didn’t do.

Better known as monitoring spirits, they expend more energy in trying to trap you than they do in trying to ensnare a man.  They can make life miserable for the wife especially if they are older than you. Anyway, their case is pending with the Almighy.

While this is just a stereotype view of in-laws and strictly my opinion it is important that you learn the act of wisdom in dealing with the in-laws.

Do not go out of your way to antagonize your in laws. See them as a part of your family and for the really difficult ones, patience and a bit of wisdom suffices in dealing with them.

Remember however that, you are a potential wife, husband, brother in law, sister in-law, mother in-law or father in-law to somebody. So clean up your game and be the good person you truly are.


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  1. Stella says:

    Nice one. May God help us to be good in-laws, bless us with good inlaws, and grant us d wisdom to deal with the difficult ones.

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