WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE? This definition may leave you sleepless


I woke up in the middle of the night and could not go back to sleep. So naturally my brain got busy.

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I thought of my itinerary for the next day and everything I planned doing.

After that, I thought of my itinerary for the rest of the week and most of the things I planned doing.

After that, I thought of my itinerary for the rest of my life…and everything I planned doing…and whether or not those plans would come to pass…and how I would feel if they didn’t…and how I will feel if they did…and what’s the big deal if they did or they didn’t.

Most importantly, what’s the big deal about life anyway? When…

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Yes we are all going to die eventually, but before then…Why am I here?

Why are we here?

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What is the point of our entire existence as living creatures?

What is the meaning of life?

So being the deeply spiritual person that I am, I asked Google.

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After clicking on several sites, and reading all sorts of scientific and theological postulations, I picked out the following:

Dalai Lama’s meaning of life…

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Dalai Lama says the meaning of life is to be ‘happy & useful’. But this raises the question, how can one truly be happy? Especially with all the numerous issues and challenges we face in life everyday.

To get my answer this time around, I went to the only source that knows much much much more than Google.

I went to the word of God…(Jer. 15:16)

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And I asked for happiness…(John 16:24)

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And I received…(Psalm 4:7)

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The second thing I picked out from my Google search was Picasso’s meaning of life;

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But what is this gift?

Related image

So if my life is the most important gift I have, I guess it’s only right that I show my appreciation by giving it back to God.

Dalai Lama says I should be happy and useful, Picasso say’s I should give, and this song by William McDowell captures it all:

William McDowell – I Give Myself Away

And that is my purpose in life.

Surrendering my life to Christ.

Living every day for Him. Waking up each morning with one purpose – to please God.

That is what gives my life meaning.

The conclusion of the whole matter is to…(Ecclesiastes 12:13)

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At the end of the day, it all boils down to choice.

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I pray you choose to live your life as a gift from God and for God.

What do you think is the meaning of life? Please drop your comments below.

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    Inspirational!!! This is really wonderful. …God grant is the wisdom to always make the right choices the first time.

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    Very nice stuff.

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    Ride on dear! God will give you the grace to keep inspiring others. Miss ya.

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