1. Dis Poetry – Poem by Benjamin Zephaniah

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Dis poetry is like a riddim dat drops 
De tongue fires a riddim dat shoots like shots 
Dis poetry is designed fe rantin 
Dance hall style, big mouth chanting, 
Dis poetry nar put yu to sleep 
Preaching follow me 
Like yu is blind sheep, 
Dis poetry is not Party Political 
Not designed fe dose who are critical. 
Dis poetry is wid me when I gu to me bed 
It gets into me dreadlocks 
It lingers around me head 
Dis poetry goes wid me as I pedal me bike 
IÕve tried Shakespeare, respect due dere 
But did is de stuff I like. 

Dis poetry is not afraid of going ina book 
Still dis poetry need ears fe hear an eyes fe hav a look 
Dis poetry is Verbal Riddim, no big words involved 
An if I hav a problem de riddim gets it solved, 
IÕve tried to be more romantic, it does nu good for me 
So I tek a Reggae Riddim an build me poetry, 
I could try be more personal 
But youÕve heard it all before, 
Pages of written words not needed 
Brain has many words in store, 

Yu could call dis poetry Dub Ranting 
De tongue plays a beat 
De body starts skanking, 
Dis poetry is quick an childish 
Dis poetry is fe de wise an foolish, 
Anybody can do it fe free, 
Dis poetry is fe yu an me, 
DonÕt stretch yu imagination 
Dis poetry is fe de good of de Nation, 
In de morning 
I chant 
In de night 
I chant 
In de darkness 
An under de spotlight, 
I pass thru University 
I pass thru Sociology 
An den I got a dread degree 
In Dreadfull Ghettology. 

Dis poetry stays wid me when I run or walk 
An when I am talking to meself in poetry I talk, 
Dis poetry is wid me, 
Below me an above, 
Dis poetry's from inside me 
It goes to yu 

- Poem by Benjamin Zephaniah

2. What Is Poetry? – Poem by Silvia Chidi 

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What is poetry? I say it is mega-magnetic fun When words play and tend to run It is mega-magnetic fun Yes mega-magnetic fun When readers show they are appreciative Of playful words which are narrative I say it is mega-magnetic fun When readers have come & gone And all the votes have been cast and drawn I say it is mega-magnetic fun When writers become inventive With or without any material incentive I say it is mega-magnetic fun That is what poetry is about It is mega-magnetic fun - Poem by Sylvia Chidi

3. Hasslefree Poetry – Poem by Linda Ori

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Poems, like poets, have much to say -
They may describe a rainy day, 
They may sing love songs light and gay 
Or speak of deep despair; 

Some poems are short and oh, so sweet -
Some complex and indescreet, 
Some say nothing at all concrete
Just words that make no sense; 

The poet knows what the poet means -
He may be writing about his dreams, 
Or nothing more than a hill of beans 
To catch the readers eye; 

Why must poets follow rules? 
Rhyme, and meter and other tools
Sometimes dull poetic jewels
Detracting from the flow; 

Just open up and let it fly, 
You'll never know unless you try -
Write poems that make the readers cry
Regardless of the form; 

I like to call it hasslefree -
This personal type of poetry
That has a style uniquely 'me' -
Totally unpredictable! 

- Poem by Linda Ori

4. ONE DAY I WILL WRITE A POEM – Poem by Olulu

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One day I will write a poem
it is not necessarily a poem to make you laugh or cry,
it’s just a poem about being scared to express my frustrations,
my fears,
my doubts,
because of the many dreams now tied to mine.
If I tell them the many battles I fight within,
won’t it scare them off?
Won’t it discourage them?
Won’t it stop them from chasing their dreams?

One day I will write a poem
it won’t be a poem to make you laugh or cry,
but simply a poem about the feeling I feel
when I feel a feeling
that I have never felt before.
No, the feeling is not love.
It’s a feeling of being helpless, yet fearless.
Breathless and speechless,
Expectant, yet dependent.
Hmm, maybe it is not a feeling after all,
it’s a decision.

One day I will write a poem
it won’t be a poem to make you laugh or cry,
its a poem about how like an unwanted bride,
I have come to accept sleepless nights.
She consumes me and leaves me spent in the mornings.
She is insatiable and I’m unable to resist her

One day I will write a poem
not a poem that will make you laugh or cry
but a poem about the addiction of passion,
the hyper activeness it gives to the addict,
the unwavering desire for more of it
and the need to get another high when you achieve your goal.

One day I will write a poem
not be a poem that will make you laugh or cry
just a poem about friends,
friends that stick close to you like family
friends that give you their all and much more even before you ask for it.

One day I write a poem
not a poem to make you laugh or cry
it’s a poem that you would want to understand
all these scribbling and ranting
so you wait and read till the end.
But you will have to wait some more,
because this is not the day I write the poem.

- Poem by Olumide Holloway, also known as "Olulu, the King not from Zulu"

5. Love Me – Love My Poetry – Poem by Bonnie Alden Phillips

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I once wrote some poetry – the best,
the finest POETRY
My POETRY came with a capital
My POETRY was distinguished
POETRY, proper, complete line of
Verse POETRY – honorable,
prehistoric, geographical POETRY
Divine, instinctive, even religious
I sent it to the magazines
The very good magazines
The very best magazines –
They returned it to me every time!
I once wrote some inferior POETRY
Low in style, irregular in measure
Undignified, trivial, absurd POETRY
inadequate, mischievous, comic
Some stuff like this – A CRIME –
I sent it to the magazines
The very good magazines
The very best magazines

They kept it every time!
Now, I ask of you – my question is
fair and brief – I ask
Of you – your ear I pray and beg you
give –
Shall I write intuitive,
comprehensive, reasoning
Specific, Godlike, Capitol
committed POETRY
The sort I think will live?
Or shall I write inferior, very bad
POETRY – the kind that soon is
Dead – and send it to the magazines,
the very good, the best magazines


6. POETRY – Poem by Akara K.

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What is poetry?
Poetry is many things
But there are far more things that poetry is not
Poetry is not a style of writing
Poetry is not a rhyme or a limerick
Poetry is not something you can read
Poetry isn’t just seen or heard, but seen, heard, and felt
What is poetry, then?
I can’t tell you that, no one can
But you can only know
And even then you can’t tell anyone what poetry is
Because poetry isn’t words
Poetry is a feeling you get in your chest
Poetry is a chill that runs through your body
Poetry is a knife that slices your soul
Poetry is experienced from within
If something rhymes and it makes sense
It may be a poem
But it isn’t poetry
Can you hear your soul calling out to you?
That is poetry
Can you feel the tightness in your chest, the squeezing of your heart?
That is poetry
A boy and girl at the edge a cliff, dangerously close, leaning over the edge
Their arms outstretched, they soar
They can fly anywhere without ever leaving their perch
The sound of a flute and swirling colors
Reds, blues, greens, white and black
Harmony, a sound that goes straight through you
The midnight sky with stars that speak
What they whisper in your ear is faint
But even if you can’t hear it, if you can feel it, it is poetry
A solitary wolf bounding through a forest
So graceful, paws that never touch the ground
Eyes shining brighter than the sun
The movements of the human body
Muscles within neck, arms, legs
The body is living poetry
Flex your fingers
How do they move?
Every part of you, poetry in itself
The wind blowing through an open window
Moist breeze that dampens your face, your bed
The moonlight shining through
Is poetry
But this is hardly poetry, what you read now
Because poetry isn’t words
Poetry isn’t what you see or hear
It is what you feel
Poetry is what you believe
What you are

– Poem by Akara K. 


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