So today is Fathers day in some parts of the world. Yaayyyyyyyyy!

As a confam member of AFCON – the Association of Fatherless Children Of Naija, I always have mixed feelings during Fathers Day.

Chief of which is wishing my dad was still alive so I could call him and shout “Happy Fathers Daaaaaayyyyyyyyy!” before asking him for one thing or the other.

I also always remember Luther Vandross’ song, Dance with my Father – every blessed fathers day. 

However one major thing I always remember on Fathers Day is that though my earthly father is gone, I have an almighty father up above who loves me waaaayyyyyyy more than my earthly father (who loved me loads) ever did.

And they are both with me every second of the day.

So if anybody tries to mess with me, either my late father shows them some Nollywood protective-ghost stunt, or my heavenly Father shows them some Holy-Ghost fire stunt.

On this Fathers Day, whether or not your earthly father is alive, remember that you are loved and cared for by your heavenly Father.

Here are some bible verses to remind you just how much the almighty Father loves you.


1. He gave us the right to become His children – John 1:12-13.

Image result for John 1:12


2. He has declared to the world that he is our almighty Father – 2 Corinthians 6:18.

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3. He loves us – 1 John 3:1.

Image result for 1 John 3:1



4. He is a compassionate father – Psalm 103:13. 

Related image



5. He provides for His children – Mathew 6:26.

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6. He treasures us more than any other thing or creature – Mathew 10:29-31.

Image result for Matthew 10:29-31




7. He made us heirs to His entire kingdom – Luke 12:32.

Image result for Luke 12:32



8. He gives us good and perfect gifts – Mathew 10:29-31.

Image result for James 1:17



9. He corrects us in love – Mathew 10:29-31.

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10. This is my personal favorite. The reason my dad doesn’t have to display his Nollywood ghost moves – Mathew 10:29-31.

Image result for god as a father




Which of these verses is your favorite? Please share in the comments section below.










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