WHO SEX EPP? The ultimate bedroom tip for married couples – by Tuoyo Arueyingho

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But really, who sex epp? 

I have read books, blogs, articles and have listened to various people talk about spicing sex in a marriage.

And each time, I keep asking myself. “where the spice wan come from?”

Especially for young couples. We start out doing nearly everything during the first year of marriage.

The blow job, sex on the stair case, sex at the in-laws, early Sunday morning sex, anal sex, sex on the glass dinning table, sex in the cinema hall, a quickie in the office, some if us even had sex on the church toilet.

If you ask me, we have nearly done it all. What is there to add? What is there to spice? What new thing una wan do again?
For some of us, its not a matter of spicing. Its a matter of being faithful.

Experience has shown that even with the most spiced bedroom, person when no get self control, no get am.

As humans, we are not blind to other handsome men or beautiful women. But what makes us different is our ability to control ourselves.

When my friends complain that I still dey see fine babes, my wife usually reminds them that I am married, but not blind. She trusts me.

So I work hard to maintain and build that trust. It is not an easy thing, but it is possible.

While I am of the opinion that there is little to be done in the area of spicing the bedroom, especially when your wife is on point – there is a great need to build self control and trust as a marriage matures.

This is because whether you like it or not, as husbands, you get to a point where the pkongus is the pkongus.

Abi how you see am? Talk your own for the comments section…

Tuoyo Arueyingho

Tuoyo Edward Arueyingho is a Warri boy who works as a University Administrator in one of Nigeria's Federal Universities.

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  1. Omolola says:

    True talk. well said

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