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When Tonto Dikeh suddenly shot up to the top of the entertainment industry in Nigeria, despite the fact that she was not a great actress, I was one of those who was a little irritated by her.

I thought she tried too hard to hug the limelight, she did virtually everything to be in the spotlight. I wrote her off as attention seeking, wishing she would have her day quick and blow away somewhere, on a long holiday!

Then, she did that song…

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…in which she proved that her acting was actually much better than her singing…and dancing! At this point in her career, I had concluded that she was just an irritant of a really harsh sort.

Then, I watched the press romance her everyday, repost her reposts, create news about her….then, I just told myself, “if she has fans, good for them!”

So, I relaxed but did not buy her hype!

Image result for tonto dikeh movieThen, as part of the production team for popular TV Talk Show, I was told we were waiting for Tonto Dikeh, she was a guest on the show. When she came into the studio, the live audience just went gaga, smiling and falling over themselves to get her attention.

I watched her closely.

Related imageAs she finished with the presenters, before she left the studios, she made out time to be with the fans….quality time. She looked like a star, I had to admit! She sashayed with stardust, oohed at the right moments, puckered her lips for selfies with people she had only just met….no airs, as far as I could see!

I forgave her immediately, I just had to admit…I liked Tonto, I felt bad that I had not liked her before.

Watching an interview on her failed marriage, I can see that she wanted to make it work and that she simply adores her son.

The tales of domestic abuse, they are true.

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She shared pictures and even talks about a set of pictures with the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana, where she had, at a time, run to for protection. She did say she could not share those pictures because she was naked in them. Na wa o!

Tonto, I feel you. I am sad your marriage did not work.

I am happy, however, that the guy did not kill you.

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With this new passion I see in you, it can only get better. What’s more? She is born-again…not because of her failed marriage, she had been born-again long before she had her son, she says!

Be strong, but whatever you do….don’t write a book or further dramatize the situation.

Of the society girls that have had broken relationships recently, you stand out.

God bless you!

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