A LIFE LESSON FROM THE BEACH (Pt. 1) by Alexis Onome-Egborge.

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Na wa for me!

That is how one day, I carried myself to Bar Beach, in Lagos. I did not intend to swim, I just wanted to see the sea, feel the wind on my face.

Then, I saw some yeye boys swimming and throwing ‘kataka’ in the water. The more I watched, more I knew i had to jump in and do my own kataka…no be say I sabi o!

Anyway, that is how i jumped in and before I knew it, we were having the time of our lives, katakaing and diving about like excited dolphins! Then, one boy just launched himself like a torpedo and started swimming like boneless fish! Chai! Interesting!!

Oya, we sef, we pursue am! We started to swim, to swim, to swim. Overjoyed, I continued to swim, to swim, to swim…! Eh, where is everybody?! Chineke!!

I suddenly found that I had out swam everyone and I was alone. I looked around me, nobody! Ehen. Then, I suddenly thought of how deep that part of the sea must be! I suddenly thought of creatures bigger than me, beneath me, sizing me up, preparing their ingredients!

Then, I started trashing about, thinking that should deter any interested aquatic parties. Then, I remembered that trashing is actually a sign of distress that many large aquatic animals look out for, so I suddenly stopped all action….I started to sink.

Then, I had to swim to the top in a panic…then, muscle cramps, like kilode! Pain tore through my thighs and my brain had a hard time coordinating all the┬áissues I was facing.

Then, I told myself to stop panicking. I developed a rhythm : lie on my back and float, massage my thighs in that position…so, I was facing the sky, as I did the massages. By the time I found relief and turned on my belly, the next wahala was in full swing – I was disoriented, I had no idea what direction I had been coming from!

A new wave of panic hit me, then despair. By this time, I was truly tired. I knew I could not swim for much longer. I wept.

What happened next? I will tell you next Monday, but, I did not die!

Alexis Onome-Egborge

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Alexis Onome-Egborge

With an eye for detail and an enhanced power of description, I am a Travel enthusiast, Photo-journalist, educator and film maker with a passion for adventure of the most unusual kind.

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