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Thanks to all the noise I made online during the 10 days countdown to the launch of this blog, I was bombarded with numerous questions from friends. On a daily, I received questions like:

“What are you promoting?”

“Is it a blog?”

“You sef wan open blog?”

“Is it your blog?”

“Will it be like Linda Ikeji’s blog?”

“What’s the blog about?”

“When are you launching?”

“Will you remember me when you move to your banana island mansion?”

“How much will you pay me for helping you promote your blog?”

 The questions were endless. However, there was one recurring question which I kept getting from different people. A question which several people deemed fit to ask me several times everyday. An extremely pertinent question.

“Will there be rice when you launch?”

Seeing as I am an unrepentant foodie, people asking me this question wasn’t unexpected. Especially as whenever friends have an event or activity, I’m usually the first to ask;

“Will there be food?”

So when they also started asking if there will be rice for the lunch of my blog, I confidently assured them that “Yes there will be rice.”


And as I am a woman of my word, and a child of God, I have decided to keep my promise. You are about to be served with plates of delicious looking eRice…alternatives.

As I don’t want you to get fat from all the calories in rice, I am giving you rice that is healthier than rice. Rice that is (probably) tastier than rice.

Here are 7 alternatives to rice that are much more healthier than actual rice. Launch is served!

1. Cabbage rice

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Yes! This rice is actually made from cabbage. It could be cooked like white rice, jollof rice, or fried rice. I’ve actually made cabbage rice a few times and it really does taste good – if cooked right, with the right ingredients. My secret is to use the stock from my meat to cook it. For a full cabbage rice recipe, click here.


2. Cauliflower rice.

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Very similar to cabbage rice, Cauliflower rice is such an amazing substitute to normal rice. Like cabbage rice, it is a grain-free, gluten-free and nutrient-dense way to replace the white rice on your plate. I have cooked this a few times, but for some odd reason, I kinda prefer cauliflower rice to cabbage rice. Here’s a cauliflower recipe you could try.


3 – 5. Black / Brown / Red rice.

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I can imagine you going “Black rice ke!”. I was also initially shocked when I learnt there were other colors of rice aside from white and brown. There’s even wild rice, which is almost as black and just as healthy as black rice. I haven’t tasted red rice, but black rice I have eaten. And it isn’t as bad as it’s color makes it appear. It’s actually very healthy and quite filling. These colored rice are much healthier alternatives to white rice. And with much lesser calories too! Checkout different things you could cook with these different types of rice here.


6. Quinoa Rice

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I used to undermine this super-food, till I discovered that it is naturally gluten-free and contains iron, B-vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, vitamin E, and fiber. It is one of only a few plant foods that are considered a complete protein, containing all nine essential amino acids. And just incase you were thinking quinoa is an ‘oyinbo’ food, here’s a delicious quinoa stir fry recipe from 9ja foodie.


7. Zoodles

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This rice/noodles substitute can be made from zucchini or cucumber. I keep wanting to make this one day, but the day I bought all the ingredients, when I thought of how I will start peeling the cucumbers into strips one by one with my potato peeler, I changed my mind and decided to eat my cucumber like that. When I buy my spiralizer, I will start making my zoodles. Click here to see how to spiralize your zucchini or cucumber. And click here for different delicious zoodle recipes.


There you have it. Delicious launch party healthy rice alternatives, a’ la carte. I hope you enjoyed your launch party rice. Once again, welcome to Unto the Matter.

(And yes i merged 3-5 together. They taste great together too. lol.)

What other healthy alternatives do you have for rice? Share your food in the comments section.



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