1. It’s pretty hilarious.

no oprah smh not amused oprah winfrey

2. Well, not like hilarious-hilarious, more like kinda funny…sometimes…

ha unimpressed not amused not funny yeah right


3. We don’t gossip people…unless you like gossip…then for you, we can make an exception.

secret dancing jimmy fallon tonight show


4. We’ll talk about food…and love…and sex…and Jesus…and music…and everything you want to talk about…and some of the things you don’t.

Image result

5. It’s the next best thing after that your favorite (soon-to-be ex-favorite) blog.

Image result


6. Because you like beta thing.

Image result for gotcha gifs


7. Because there are no rules here. Except trolling. Though shalt not troll.

Powerade no basketball lebron james lebron


8. It’s a blog for smart, beautiful, intelligent people like you.

Image result


9. It’s FREE! And you could also get some FREE stuff! What’s the free stuff?

Related image

10. Because I said please.

Image result for shrek please gif


10b. I didn’t say please? Oya please be reading my blog mbok.

Cheezburger please more want some

As you can see, I’m not a proud somebody. That should count as number 11.

If with these few points of mine I have been able to convince you to return to this blog, please subscribe. If not, still subscribe, a trial will convince you.

please simba lion king

See you at the next post…



Which of these reasons convinced you the most? Or which reason would have convinced you to subscribe to Unto the Matter?


Tank driving, cheeky amazon from Warri Kingdom. Copywriter by day, blogger by night, foodie round the clock.

4 Responses

  1. Folake says:

    Weldone Amazon. Love the article from rubbish heap to spotlight.

  2. Layo says:

    Errrrrrm…that should be number 11 after the first 10! Lol. The pics got me cracking. Off to read the/ (your) other ‘matters’

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