I started working out every week day since August 1st 2016.

For most of my adult life, I have had an on and off, love-hate relationship with exercise.

But for the first time in my life, I was really excited about starting a working out plan. Because for the first time in my life, I had a concrete workout goal to look forward to. Which was to work out till I get fit, and keep working out to keep fit.

Now for lazy bones like me, this was an almost impossible dream. To just be working out indefinitely like that. My mind said ‘you will get tired’, ‘You will slack’, ‘You will give up’.

But my head said, not if you have a plan.

So I drafted a plan to make sure that I kept working out every weekday, UNFAILINGLY.



1. Accountability:

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I went to my Instagram page on the 31st of July and announced that I was starting a workout program and would be posting a picture or video after working out ever week day.

Committing to this was a very very big help for me.

Especially on those rainy days, or sick days, or lazy days that I just didn’t feel like working-out. Because I knew I had to post a picture of my sweaty body after each workout, I got up and made it happen.

2. Baby Steps:

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I gave myself little milestones to cross and celebrate.

First, I announced on Instagram that I was doing a 60 days challenge. And after I finished that, I extended it to 100 days. This gave me some sort of short term goal to look forward to, even though I knew I wanted to keep doing this indefinitely. I’m currently still gunning for 100 days, and after that, I will aim for 200 days.

The Lord is my muscle!


3. Fixed Workout Plans: 

Knowing that I had the tendency of picking the easier way out in doing things, I couldn’t afford to do that with my workouts.

In order not to get lazy or start cutting corners, I started off with exercise plans which had fixed schedules.

These were workout programs which came with a calendar that told you what workout you were to do on which day. That way I couldn’t start selecting the easier routines when I felt lazy (which was often). I knew that having the freedom to select which workout routine I felt like doing each morning, would eventually lead to selecting no routine at all eventually.

So I followed the preset schedules on Insanity Max 30, T25, etc.


4. Realistic Time-frame: 

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With a very busy 9-5 which was often 8:30-9pm, sometimes till midnight, I barely have spare time. I was also trying to squeeze out what little time I had for developing my blog and attempting to have a social life.

But I still had to squeeze out time to workout.

So I stuck to workout programs which did not exceed a total of 30-40minutes. And I reset my alarm so I could wake up a bit earlier to workout in the mornings before going to work.


5. Self-Motivation:

The most important thing that has helped me stay consistent so far is self determination. I used to think I needed to have a workout partner in order to stay consistent with working out regularly.  Someone to motivate me during the times that I felt like giving up. But I discovered that whenever my workout buddy got demotivated and stopped, I also stopped.

So I had to learn how to motivate myself, by myself, for myself.

When I started my days 60 workout challenge, I had some friends who started with me, then stopped halfway. But because I had learnt how to motivate myself from the inside, I kept going on.


6. Discipline:

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Success requires consistency, consistency requires discipline, and discipline – I did not have.

But I had to make myself have it, by fire by force.

I make myself wake up when I don’t feel like. Put on my workout clothes when I don’t feel like. Press play when I don’t feel like. And move my body when I don’t feel like.

Till I finally make myself feel like.


There you have it, my tips for maintaining a regular workout routine. See you next week Tuesday for more health and fitness tips.

How do you manage to stay consistent with your workouts?



Tank driving, cheeky amazon from Warri Kingdom. Copywriter by day, blogger by night, foodie round the clock.

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6 Responses

  1. Tuoyo Arueyingho says:

    I like the article or better still documentation of your exercise routine. the part I love about the whole experience shared is that you are building personal discipline and anybody lacking in discipline could learn a thing or two from your experience.

  2. Aimuan says:

    Inspiring and honest. Got me thinking that I can finally tackle that emerging belly fat that I have been trying to ignore. lol

  3. Miss Sarangae says:

    This is my exercise life to a T. I started off with self motivation. I.love working out on my own cos I don’t have to rely on someone else especially on tired days. I subscribed to a site where I can follow different exercise plans and push myself. I’m now in a position where I exercise at least 5 days a week. I still have lazy moments or interrupted weeks but I have come to accept that it’s OK too cos I know I can get right back into it.

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