The struggle is real

I have always had an on and off struggle with my weight. Partly because I was an unrepentant foodie, and partly because of my love-hate relationship with excercising.

I was one of those people who always looked chubby, because of my full cheeks (and chest). So even when I wasn’t actually fat, I looked fat. Not to mention when I actually put on weight, which was often.

Who are you calling fat?

Somebody could see me and say ‘Babe, you’re now fat o, what happened?’. And someone else would respond, “she’s not really fat, just chubby”. Then another person would say, “You’re okay like this jare, just don’t add any more”.

I realized that I usually felt bad if those comments came during those times when I felt i was eating a lot and wasn’t doing anything fitness related. And I usually felt much worse during the times when I was actually working out or dieting, but people still said I looked fat (because it had not started ‘showing’).

Why do people always feel the need to comment on someone’s physical appearance? Is it your body? Anyway, that’s a topic for another day.

While I had nothing against fat people, I was just not comfortable with myself being bigger than a certain size. I liked being fit, and okay. Not skinny. Not fat. Just okay.

So sometime in July this year, I decided to get fit and stay fit, for ME.

I decided to get fit so that:

So I could always look at the mirror and smile at what/who I see there

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I could wear any type of outfit, not just those designed to hide a protruding tummy

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So if someone called me fat, or chubby, or any of those funny adjectives, I could genuinely laugh it off because I knew I for sure that I wasn’t.

Sixt funny laughing laughter kidding


So i could look good and feel good.

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When I start having kids (and grandkids), I could still look hot and fit.

grandma nana

Just to prove to myself that I can do it, and every other thing I set out to do.



With these goals in mind, I set out on my fitness journey.

Come with me on this journey. Every Tuesday, I’ll be sharing my experiences on this weight loss journey, as well as general tips to help you become a healthier, fitter version of yourself.

See you next Tuesday.


Tank driving, cheeky amazon from Warri Kingdom. Copywriter by day, blogger by night, foodie round the clock.

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