By Orode Uwawah


The twins watched their mother as her lips parted and the words slowly started tumbling out.

“The sun was really hot that afternoon.”

She licked her dry lips, as the memory of the heat played back in her head.

“I decided to quickly leave work during my lunch time to go and buy some things from the supermarket near my office. The one on Glover road. Near that story building with the…”

“Mama please continue your story” Paulina, the shorter twin cut in.

“Anyway, when I entered the supermarket,  I bought almost everything I planned to buy. But they did not have the major thing that took me there in the first place. One erm…Saba…Sebastin Merlot wine like that”

“It’s Sebastiani Merlot mama” Pauline softly pointed out.

“Yes, Sebastiani. I drank it at our office’s annual dinner last week and liked it. But they did not have it at the supermarket. I now decided to quickly drive down to the hotel to ask for it, and fortunately for me, I bought the last bottle.

After buying the wine, I just thought that since I am not too far from the house, let me quickly just get home and drop all the things I had bought.

As I entered the house, I saw your father.

Lying down on the floor with a woman beside him. Their clothes scattered on the floor.

My heart flew out of my chest. What is going on here?

Then I saw the blood everywhere. And the gun on the ground.

I swear that’s how i met him. I didn’t kill him. I didn’t kill your father. How can I kill my own husband?” her pleading eyes looked from one daughter to the other.

Two identical faces bearing striking resemblance to their now deceased father, starred back at her.

With a loud hiss, Paulina got up and stormed out of the police cell.



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  1. jb says:

    ironically,i think i kinda had this dream.r u telling me something?

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