If you’re like me and billions of other people on this planet, you’ve probably gotten your heart broken a few times. And also probably done your own share of breaking hearts.

Now while we’re all good peoples, at least most of us, when it comes to love we somehow tend to hurt or be hurt by others.

Why do we hurt others in relationships and why do others hurt us?

Here’s a list of the different types of heart-breakers and the reasons they did it.

I usually don’t like using negative words too much, so we’re gonna use an allegory for heart-break.

Imagine your heart is a glass cup. And falling in love with someone means giving them your glass cup.  Here are the top ten different types of people who are likely to get your glass broken. 




They really really love you. They love oh so much, holding your glass oh so close, squeezing it oh so tightly, it breaks. These type of people can be quite jealous, clingy or controlling. Their own way of showing love could be too forceful, and end up breaking the glass.




They really really wanted to keep the glass safe, but life happened, and it fell and broke. This is usually caused by something that happens to change the dynamics of the relationship. It could be sudden distance imposed on both partners by a change of jobs. Or it could be an act of infidelity. It could be any situation triggered by internal or external causes. But despite the best intentions of your partner, your glass gets broken. It’s up to you to decide if it’s possible to forgive and move on or not.



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They really really wanted to keep your glass safe, but they put they always put their selfish interests first. They are often repeat offenders, constantly putting their needs above that of their partner’s. Thereby getting the glass cracked in several places till it gets broken.



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They really really wanted to keep it safe…if they knew how. Though they want to make their partner happy, they are totally clueless about how to do so. They constantly say and do the kind of things that hurt their partner, unintentionally getting the glass broken. If you fall into this category, you need to learn how to be more perceptive and understanding, both of your actions and people’s reactions.



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They are totally neutral about your glass or it’s condition. Yes they don’t want to break it, but they also do not go out of their way to prevent it getting broken. These kind of people usually go into relationships or even marriage with the attitude of “If it works – fine, if it doesn’t – too bad”. They are usually nice people, but just not nice enough to make the extra effort required to keep the relationship or marriage going strong.



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These ones are absolutely nonchalant. Your heart could be a glass or a soccer ball for all they care. If The Lukewarm holds your glass indifferently, The Whatever juggles your glass among several other things or even other glasses, and if any glass falls while they are at it, they wouldn’t even notice. These are the type who don’t bother to return phone calls, regularly cancel dates, and often make you feel unimportant.




They did not want it anymore. They probably tried giving you back, but you refused. Or they just dropped it unceremoniously, walking all over the broken pieces on their way out. These people fell out of love and let go of the glass, with or without warning signs to their partner.




They just meant to crack it a bit, not really break it. Probably to test your reaction, or to teach you a little lesson about respecting them or appreciating them. These kind of people believe in ‘testing’ or ‘showing’ their partners. Sadly their actions sometimes ends up breaking the glass they only intended to chip.



Game of Thrones cersei lena headey hbo drinking

It was good ol’ payback. You broke or cracked their glass sometime ago, and so they decided to break yours too.



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They consciously or unconsciously planned to break your glass. They get their thrill from breaking glasses. These type of people love the thrill and chase of getting someone to fall in love with them, but after that happens, they lose interest and move on.



Because if your glass has been broken before, you can always mend it back again.

Forgive and move on, that’s the best way to heal.Which of these types of heart-breakers have you ever encountered or do you have other types to add to the list? The comments section awaits…


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    The back to sender…It is good to know that it turned out well
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