I was startled awake…


…from a restless sleep in the middle of the night by a strange sound. It took me a second to realize the sound was coming from my mouth as I cried.

I had actually been crying from dreamland to real life, and the noise woke me up.

I hugged myself on the bed for some minutes till the sobs subsided, then I sat up. Reached under the bed. And pulled out a bottle of Smirnoff vodka.

Saying I was in a low point in life at that period would be an understatement.

All the things I had hoped to achieve by that time in life were nowhere in sight. Rather, everything seemed to be folding in on me.


The Battle.


I was working at a place that was psychologically and physically unhealthy for me. At the same time, I was trying to find the strength to walk away from a bad relationship.  While also having accommodation issues. And money issues. And plenty, many other issues.

(One issue I didn’t have though was good health. Which is a miracle, what with my attempts to drown my sorrows in liquor. God really does love me. )

Maybe it was the hardness of the bottle. Maybe it was it’s cold feel in my hands. Or maybe it was the realization that I had single-mouthedly halved a bottle of vodka. Whatever it was, at that moment, I decided I needed to start fighting.

I threw the bottle under the bed, and cried myself back to sleep, telling myself “This too shall pass” over and over and over again.

I prayed to God like an infant that night. Begging for strength to see me through that phase in my life.


My Fight.

game of thrones got dragon flying daenerys targaryen

The next morning, the bottle was in the trash can. And for the first time in a long time, I dug out my jogging shoes and went for a morning run.

By that afternoon I had updated my resume. Later that night, I officially called it quits from said relationship. And I also started telling people that I was looking for a house (even though I didn’t have the money yet. )

Knowing I was actively doing something about getting the things I wanted out of life, really turned things around for me.

Since then, I have actively and fiercely fought for my happiness.


Happily Ever After?

happy smile people feel person

Of course life hasn’t taken that decision lying down.

I have had lots of situations and people try to send me back down that rabbit hole of pain and despair.

But I kept fighting for my happiness.

Every day comes with it’s challenges. But i keep fighting to stay joyful.

The joy of the Lord has been my strength, helping me keep my head up and my smile on.

Maybe if I did not have such high aspirations, dreams or goals, life would have been easier.


But then again, I’ve seen people with zero drive and ambition still get so depressed they start thinking of or actually cutting themselves.

Life isn’t easy on anyone.

We all have our different struggles. Especially those of us with herculean dreams.


But that’s Part of the Beauty of Life.


Aiming high.

Fighting for what you want.

And getting it.

People from all walks of life fight differently. Christians fight by faith. Others fight with pure grit. Whichever way you choose to fight, keep fighting.

Nothing fought for, nothing won.

If good things came easy, they wouldn’t be worth aspiring for.


Dream Big.

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Whatever you want in life, don’t be deterred by the way things currently are. THIS TOO SHALL PASS. So far you keep fighting.


Fight Tools.

  • Stay around people who motivate you to keep going
  • Read motivational books, chief of which is the bible. You’ll find it’s a real life saver once you start digging in.
  • If your fight is business related, checkout this article on Funders and Founders about how to keep going.
  • Also constantly ginger yourself with inspiring quotes. Have them on your phone, written on little post-it notes, or printed out and hung on walls so you can always stay motivated.
  • Listen to music that gets you pumped up. Checkout this beautiful Fight Song.
  • Also checkout this beautiful, handsome, gorgeous dog telling you to stay dogged.


Have you ever faced some serious emotional battles? How did you fight your way out of it?



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