You know how people always say ‘nice guys finish last? That a guy who treats a lady well and is vulnerable enough to be open about the depth of his feelings, will end up losing her to the bad boy in the race for her heart.


Well, here’s the story of a somewhat nice guy who competed for a girl’s heart with a very good bad boy, and ended up finishing first.

THE Drake.

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I remember the first time I heard about Drake a few years ago. Some of my colleagues were arguing about whether he was truly an emotional guy or was just putting up a nice guy act. The others were dissing him and his music as being too effeminate.

He had recently released an album which half his fans thought was great, the other half described as sissy (they used other more colorful words, but let’s be nice). The general consensus about his music though, is that the lyrics are very emotional and portray him as a soft and vulnerable guy.

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Over the years, Drake has built his brand as a good but and sensitive rapper/singer, who says the kinda things that no self-respecting OG would say – according to his haters.

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The fact that he is a light skinned black man, a rapper who also sings, and a Canadian rather than American, doesn’t really help his case with those who are all about the thug life.

To the ladies, he is a nice guy who is very open with his feelings and in touch with his feminine side emotions. To the guys, he is a pansy for being too sensitive and emotional in his lyrics.


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Despite being trolled as being unmanly and the most likely to die alone, Drake continued being his open and emotional self. With his heart dangling from his sleeves, especially when it comes to Rihanna.

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The love story between these two has kept the internet expectant for years, with Drihanna/Aubrih fans dying for them to become an official item.

Oh, and Aubrih is gotten from Drake’s first name, Aubrey, and Rihanna.


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Eventually, in a sequence of events starting from a perceived curved kiss at the 2016 MTV VMAs and an actual kiss at his Miami concert a few days after, Aubrih fans were finally rewarded with physical evidence that the Aubrih romance is a real thing!

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Coincidentally, during the same period Drihanna was all over the news, Rihanna’s ex-flame/girlfriend-beater, Chris Brown, was also trending. But for all the wrong reasons.

He was once again involved in a situation involving violence and a woman.

Also starring in this action packed Breezy thriller were armed law enforcement officials including the entire FBI team, a sky-full of police choppers, a hundred SWAT teams, a thousand MOPOLS, and a million battalion of soldiers, all gathered at his doorstep.

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Yes she might have been trying to steal his bling and all that, but is he the first celeb or rich person to hangout with cute little pickpockets?

How come it was his case that escalated into a gun baring action movie?

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(Don’t judge me for judging)

Anyway, while Chris Breezy was busy getting arrested by a girl, Drake was getting THE girl.

The same girl Chris Brown was lucky to have but mistreated.

The very same girl they had both physically fought over in public.

The girl of all most men’s dream.

The very good bad girl Riri.



Whether they end up having an happily ever after or not (they may come out and say “We’re ust friends” tomorrow), we’re happy for both of them.

Rihanna for having been through a lot in a past relationship but finally finding someone who totally adores her; Drake for finally getting to be with the girl of his dreams afters years of patiently, openly and unashamedly, expressing his feelings for her.



The morale of the story is, nice guys do finish first and bad boys last.

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And even when nice guys finish last, it’s usually not a bad thing. I like how Rina Magsombol puts it in her article on Elite Daily,

Nice guys finish last because they should finish last. Women must first practice on a rough draft before framing a masterpiece.

So if you’re a good guy, or an aspiring good guy, or a bad guy wanting to upgrade to a good guy, or a bad guy wanting to form good guy, here are the three cheats to help you get THE girl.


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I don’t mean you should start farting in her presence or anything. At least not in the first 7,295,587,397 dates (unless you’re Idris Elba, then you can fart away).

Just be real.

No playing games or trying to show her you’re some kind of tough guy. Most women can see through all of that. Just be yourself and she’ll love you for you.


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And place it on your sleeve. Wear that baby on your sleeve like a badge of honor because loving someone is nothing to be ashamed of. Love is a human emotion we all feel. So don’t allow society’s definition of how a man should love make you hold back from showing you love her.

Whether she loves you back or not, that’s her choice to make. But it shouldn’t stop you from letting her know how you feel.

Though I said be yourself, but if yourself is an inexpressive, cold, I-like-you-in-my-mind kinda self, then you need to work on that self. I’m not saying you should announce it on Facebook or start calling her every two seconds. Just make sure she knows how you feel about her.

If you care about her, let her know. And if she says no…


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See how Drake did not give up for over 20 years, even during the times she had a boyfriend or he had a girlfriend? Be like Drake.

Unless the person is taking advantage of your affection to be mean to you. In that case, be like Elsa. Let them go.

Not giving up on someone you like doesn’t mean you should put your life on hold because you are waiting for them to finally wake up and see you for the awesome catch that you are.

Live your life. Date other people. But don’t close your heart to the possibility of anything ever happening with that person who makes your heart tingle.

As long as you both truly care for each other and neither one of you is married yet, you can still get the girl.

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What do you think of the Drake and Rihanna story so far? Do you think it will work work work work work? Please drop your thoughts in the comments section.

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Unto another matter…you’ve been spelling it wrong.


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