I had a dream some nights ago.


I was in a building with some people, and we were discussing about and doing stuff related to our passions, careers, becoming successful, e.t.c

Suddenly the building started shaking.

We all jumped up as we realized an earthquake was happening. Rushing out in panic, the whole street was like a scene from those alien-invasion / end-of-the-world  movies.

Buildings were on fire, there were sounds of explosions all around, everyone was running for dear life as we all realized the end had come.

My initial thoughts were disbelief.

Red Oaks scared terrified wheeler oliver cooper

“ I couldn’t have been left behind. I’m a Christian.”

“This can’t be rapture, maybe it’s just the third world war or something”

Then I remembered my friends and family. Where were they? Were they alright?

If it’s a war, it’s best we stayed together. And even if it’s rapture, I couldn’t have been the only one left behind. Lord please don’t tell me I’m the worse sinner from the lot. I couldn’t possibly be the only sinner.

These and other shameful thoughts raced across my mind as I ran with the crowd.

I noticed some groups of people catching and beating up those of us running. They would beat some people and leave some people.

riot baseball

I decided to run in a different direction from the crowd.

The direction I ran towards had just exploded into flames and it looked liked the people who were beating people had already gone through that place, so I ran that way.

I saw a familiar person standing ahead of me. It was one of my fellow ushers in church. Thank God! Someone I know. And most importantly, a very spirikoko brother at that. This is definitely not rapture. Coz there’s no way rapture will happen and this brother will not go.

As I ran towards him, I noticed he was looking at something on his hand.

I called his name as I drew closer and he raised his head and saw me. Then I noticed he immediately tried to hide his hand behind his back, but not before I saw a mark had been printed on it.


Oh crap, it’s truly rapture!

Ye! Mo'gbe!

Ye! Mo’gbe!

Instantly, I changed direction and started running towards where the crowd was. I realized I was safer with the crowd than alone with ‘friends’ or strangers.

He ran after me.

My heart pounded faster as he caught up. Does he know I am running from him? What was he going to do? Beat me up? Kill me? Or even worse, force me to collect the mark?

He didn’t do any of those. He just kept running beside me, and talking like he did not know anything about what was going on…while still running beside me…

Then I woke up.



I immediately went on my knees and prayed, rededicating my life to God and asking for the grace to make heaven. Then I  prayed for my family and friends, and now for you. That when the time comes, we will not be left behind, but will be found ready.

That very night, I started writing a spoken word poetry piece on the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I will share it on another post when it’s ready.

Till then, stay ready. Jesus is coming soon.


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